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How To Participate In Jeeto Pakistan

If you want to participate in jeeto pakistan time to meet  with Fahad Mustafa .Fahad Mustafa’s hosting skills and a confidence is amazing it is full of exciting gifts, Jeeto Pakistan has all the goods and it easily become the nation’s most favorite entertainment show of not only pakistan but in broad as well.


With its  iconic lines “Sab Lay Jao”, the show has  millions of prizes  and distribute many amongst the people since its launch back in 2014. How To Participate In Jeeto Pakistan

How To Participate In Jeeto Pakistan
How To Participate In Jeeto Pakistan

How To Register in Jeeto Pakistan Show.

Via Telephone:

If you want to participate in JEETO PAKISTAN game show you simply need to  get yourself registered through calling ON THIS NUMBER (111-279-112)  and through typing your name on messaging ( 0337-0359-527 )to CNIC no and Contact Number  you can also go to our main website to check it all. jeeto pakistan location in karachi

Segments On The Show Of Jeeto Pakistan:

Jeeto Pakistan has 12 sensational segments in it  to keep the audience hooked to the game show it is great. Check them all out here we have given them all below

1) Handi Charhao Inam Pakao

Want to win the  prize at Jeeto Pakistan don’t worry we get you you just have to impress the audience with your cooking skills and to cook the yummiest dish will get the best reward.

2) Jeet Kai Dikao

A series of funny games and hilarious talk will be played amongst audience members.

3) Bigul Bajao Inaam Pao

This is a rapid fire segment of different question and answer , where Fahad Mustafa will interact  and attract with live audience to get them and award gifts for each on correct answer.

4) Khul Gai Qismat

This is a fourth  segment of no questions and no games just  The host will ask the different audience for various random items that they might have with themselves and may get it better. Whoever has it can bag a surprise gift! And are the best.

5) Dil Walay Inam Laijangay

This contest features newly-wed partners in a fun couple game. The segment makes the audience  roll with laughter.

6) Car Bachao Ghar Lai Jao

The most popular segment on Jeeto Pakistan is “Car Bachao Ghar Lai Jao“. All one has to do is answer the questions correctly and take home the car of their dreams.

7) Sahulat Bazar

In this round, special vouchers of different amounts will be distributed randomly to the audience as well as to those who are called in via a lucky draw.

8) Celebrity Guest

A celebrity guest will be invited on the show to be a part of the exciting game round, played with some audience members.

9) Baat Banti Hai

A lucky audience member gets a chance to win a large amount of gold. All they have to do is guess correctly the weight of gold in the box and  go home even wealthier than they imagined.

10) Nannay Ustad

The 10th segnament  suggests by the show this round is exclusively for young kids . They are given a chance to show off their hidden talent and win exciting prizes.

11) Fakhr-e-Pakistan

This is the 11th segment on the honors Pakistanis that are a source of inspiration and pride for the whole nation and get the best.

12) Abhi Tu Main Jawan Hoon

Jeeto Pakistan live tv show and game show also has something in store for couples. All they have to do is show some love to gifts

How to Register in Jeeto Pakistan 

Via ARY Website www.jeetopakistan.net

1) Log on to ARY Digital

2) Select Jeeto Pakistan in the Program option and enter

3) Fill in the number and  of guests and their CNIc number just

4) Add your phone number, address, email id, and province in the options as they said and get in.

5) Click submit as the form if it is completed and here you go.

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How To Participate In Jeeto Pakistan
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